Your Life

If you're a Busy Woman
It's time to declutter your life on the outside so you can get back to the real you on the inside!

Learn the key to getting more time, energy, space & freedom in your life!

Do you ever...

  • feel overwhelmed with too much "stuff"?
  • wish you had more time to get it all done?
  • put yourself as a last priority?
  • feel disconnected from your partner or wish you had one?
  • feel sick and tired of the never-ending to do list?

If you ANSWERED YES to any of the above questions,
you are in the right place at the right time!

Declutter Your Life Now >> and save over 67%

Activate the Ancient Secrets of Feng Shui

When you harness the power of Feng Shui, you'll have...

More energy

to reconnect with what you are passionate about so you can more easily return to who you really are.

More time

to get out of your head and more into your intuitive and creative side bringing with it more enriching life experiences.

More space

so you have a clearer view of your life once you declutter your inner and outer world. You’ll wake up with a deeper sense of knowing what to do and you'll be more confident in the choices you make.

More freedom

to be who you want to be in the world.

Everyone thought I was "off my rocker"...

What pretty much feels like a lifetime ago, I had a near 20-year career as a professional banker. I worked hard…too hard – and I reached the point of complete exhaustion and overwhelm; something had to give.

All aspects of my life – my career and my personal life - felt totally out of control and I couldn’t even think straight. I was living my life by default and constantly in reactive mode.

I worked long hours and never seemed to have enough time. I felt like I was constantly running against the clock day in and day out.

Not only that, I was on the accumulation treadmill: gaining possessions and material things – after all, that was the benchmark of success right?!

I put money into my retirement savings plan and bought a house...I did all the things I was “supposed” to do.

I was on the "more more more trajectory":

MORE stuff, MORE work and MORE busy!

But along with all of that came more overwhelm, more exhaustion and more time pressure. And guess what that meant? Chaos!


I woke up one day and thought, “what am I doing?! How did my life get so out of control? I have no time…I have no energy and I still feel like I’m not doing enough.”

I need more balance. I want more fun and play. I deserve to be happy.”

So I decided to throw in the towel, and retreat out of the rat race.

I dove into the study of mindset and the ancient art of Feng Shui and I've been harnessing the hidden powers of it in my daily life ever since.

It all started with a simple decision to declutter my life on the outside. And here's the miracle, it automatically created space for me to declutter my life on the inside so I could get back to the real me and have MORE ENERGY!

More energy to focus on my passions, my friends and my family.

I quit my career, moved to the mountains and radically simplified my life. I figured out how to get out of the dean and stuck places in my life and created a clearing in my life for new possibilities through the practice of Feng Shui and mindset techniques and I consciously began to design a new-and-improved life.

Fast forward to today, I am passionate about everything to do with energy, mindset and Feng Shui. So much so I’ve created a business around it and sharing the gems I’ve learned along the way with other women who are facing similar challenges.

I am doing what I love; sharing my profound energetic secrets with other women so they can move out of that dreaded place of overwhelm and begin to live where they rightfully deserve - in a place I call energetic abundance.

Not next month, not next year, not in 5 years, not when they retire…but today.

I now live in one of the most majestic mountain towns in the world - Canmore, Canada, and I enjoy an active, balanced and simplified lifestyle with my family.

And I want this for you too!

Today I am no longer living a life by default. Instead, I am living a life by design.  And I am committed to sharing how I accomplished this with as many women as I can so they too can live a life they love!

If you need a great kick start, the 30 Day Challenge is where it's at. Plus you’ll have FUN while RESETTING YOURSELF to get your energy back!

Your dreams are waiting; COUNT YOURSELF IN.


Declutter Your Life & have More Fun & Quality Time with Friends & Family!

Declutter Your Life Now >> and save over 67%

Here's a shout out from a few recent
Declutter Your Life 30 Day Challenge participants:

The amount of thought Leigh Ann has put into this program is very apparent; the visual simplicity of the handouts and the website is very welcoming, the depth of content is not too much to handle but still enough to get me excited to go further…Leigh Ann’s voice and nurturing nature is also so key in this type of program…I feel “safe and secure” as I delve into this transformation…and being praised along the way is appreciated as well. Leigh Ann has really done something very special here. I will be recommending this to everyone I can. Thank you!

Jody Blaser
30 Day Challenge Participant

Leigh Ann is an incredible woman and a truly gifted facilitator. I recently took her Declutter Your Life 30 Day Challenge and it was an amazing class like no other. In this Challenge, Leigh Ann offers practical information and exercises that will allow you to prioritize what is most important in your life and how to achieve it. The exercises will elevate and simplify your life in the ways you want and at the same time, you will be having so much fun! Leigh Ann weaves in elements of Feng Shui, meditation, decluttering, gratitude and connection with others. Leigh Ann and the wisdom she shares has been a tremendous gift to my life.

Jennifer Rodney
30 Day Challenge Participant

As a mom and entrepreneur I am busy gal. I love to get involved and tend to take on too much and burn myself out.  With this course I could see how I perpetuate my own busyness. Leigh Ann helped me look at various aspects of my life and reframed how I make choices and manage my time.  One of the biggest things I am doing now is putting myself and my needs in my daily schedule.  She showed me how to simplify and create a calm space in which to live and work.  Everyone needs to take this course, we all suffer from ‘busy lives’ and we all can change that with our choices.

Ronna Schneberger
30 Day Challenge Participant

No time? Here's how to reclaim your day!

Decluttering Your Life means:

  • Less house cleaning

    Getting rid of the clutter eliminates 40% of the housework in the average home.

  • Less time spent looking for items

    Americans waste 9 million hours per day looking for misplaced items!

  • Gaining up to 1 hour per day!

    A study found that if people regularly tidied their homes, most would gain between 16 minutes and 1 hour a day when they could be working to check off another item on their “to do” list, or even better, take some “me” time!  This means you would gain between 4 to 15 days a year!

Invest only a few hours per week for 30 days and learn the secrets to reaping more time each and every day going forward.

Click Here to Get Started! >>Declutter Your Life 30 Day Challenge

Check out how the Declutter Your Life 30 Day Challenge works:

  • 4 module audios available online

    There are 4 audio modules up to 1 hour in length that can be listened to when it’s convenient for you.

  • Accessible from anywhere in the world

    Access the modules through the membership site where you can download them to your handheld device to listen to anytime and anywhere.

  • Exclusive reference materials

    Support and reference materials are immediately available to you online through our easy-to-use membership site.

  • Convenient program delivery

    The entire program can be done from the comfort of your home or office or while you travel anywhere in the world.

Here's the scoop on weekly modules in the Declutter Your Life 30-Day Challenge:

Theme: Declutter Your Life

Set yourself up for success for the Challenge by decluttering your life and that includes your to-do list!

In the 1st Weekly Challenge, you'll uncover the exact steps to activate the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui in the exact place in your home that will encourage more energy to flow in to nourish you and your family!


Theme: Manage Your Energy

Discover the time wasters and energy drains that consume you and get some strategies to remove them from your life.

In the 2nd Weekly Challenge, you'll discover the importance that this particular area has on your future success! Feng Shui secrets will be revealed so you can feel good about your future and the direction you are heading!


Theme: Rock Your Real

It’s time to reveal your authentic self and know that it is safe to be you! Uncover and release the roles you play in your life and gain more awareness on how they cause you to lose energy.

In the 3rd Weekly Challenge, it's all about who you want to be in the world so you can manifest that into your reality. It's also about feeling good in the skin you are in right now. You'll learn about the important areas that you can boost with Feng Shui to put a spring in your step, a sparkle in your eye, and a smile on your face!


Theme: Enhance Your Love Relationship

Bring more love and romance into your current intimate relationship or, if you're single, start manifesting an amazing love relationship into your life!

Create more space for quality time with your partner so you can have more fun and connection. If, however,  you're searching for that special someone, create more space so you can attract that amazing relationship to you.

In the 4th Weekly Challenge, you'll create more room both physically and figuratively by activating Feng Shui in this key area to attract more love and romance into your life!


Bring more time, space, energy & freedom to your life!

Yes! I'm ready to Enroll Now! >>I’d like to clear the clutter in my life!

See what other amazing women are saying about Leigh Ann's gift to inspire and empower:

Dr. Monika Herwig, Naturopathic Doctor

Leigh Ann is a true gem. She is inspiring, practical, fun and at the same time being a woman of absolute integrity. Leigh Ann is the most organized person I know and brings a lot of warmth and true care in the support she gives. She is lit up by others successes and not only sees but pulls out the best in you so you can see it too. Her gift of empowerment and her ease at teaching leave you with real positive change in the areas of your life that matter most. Thank you  Leigh Ann for your wisdom and light.

Dr. Monika Herwig, Naturopathic Doctor,
Fia-Lynn Crandall, Master Intuitive

I’m Leigh Ann’s biggest fan! Working with her has validated that the major shift I have made in my business was the right one. Now I have the tools to ensure my business is profitable and impactful and I have clarity on what slows me down. For example, I can clearly see what  instantly takes me off track and have the tools to avoid it.

Fia-Lynn Crandall, Master Intuitive, Fearless Faith
Karen McMullen Certified Coach and Founder of Live your Genius Inc.

Working with Leigh Ann is an experience of harmony: coming into  harmony with yourself, your true nature, and aligning your life to match who you really are. She made the process so easy and natural that I hardly noticed I was learning! I was just having fun.  And  then, voila!  All of a sudden I was in a new realm of insight and understanding myself at a whole new level. I have been using the tools that she taught me daily. I recommend working with Leigh Ann to anyone who desires to live more according to their nature. Thank  you Leigh Ann!

Karen McMullen Certified Coach and Founder of Live your Genius Inc.,
Dr. Jennifer Brown, Naturopathic Doctor

Thank you so much Leigh Ann, thank you for helping to open up my  heart.  I so much appreciate the time you spent with me. I feel it was very  valuable. What a gift you provide to shine this light on who we truly are.

Dr. Jennifer Brown, Naturopathic Doctor,
Tracy Laval, Cranial Sacral Therapist

With Leigh Ann’s guidance I have been able to clear not only my physical  space but more importantly (and unexpectedly) I can see my life more  clearly. Now I am more aware of how I am in relationship with the  people in my life, my personal space, objects and even my career. I now make decisions more easily and I can think more clearly.  My relationship  with my husband has deepened and so has my connection with dear friends and my community. I also shifted my career to my truest calling. I absolutely recommend working with Leigh Ann if you feel stuck, drained, overwhelmed, unsatisfied or disconnected. Working with Leigh Ann has been extremely energizing and empowering.

Tracy Laval, Cranial Sacral Therapist,
Anne Moriarty, Certified Expert Professional Life Coach

Leigh Ann Betts is one of the most balanced people I know. Of her many  gifts, balance is the key concept which underlies her persona. She is an  attuned listener who also knows when and how to speak to the heart of a  matter. She shares her message in a way which is both direct and compassionate, often using simple yet powerful questions to guide the  process. I have experienced great insights in brainstorming and reflecting  with her and have also observed her lead others to deep self-discovery. Leigh Ann’s energy level is high yet calm, grounded yet lighthearted, and  over and over I have seen this draw people to her. Her presence creates a  sense of safety. Broad knowledge about her field is balanced by her  strong intuition and her passion to share her gifts. She is flexible yet also knows how to set boundaries. I have felt and seen Leigh Ann’s deep caring about my wellbeing and that of every single person she works with. That has given me  courage and hope when I needed it. Even as she gives freely to others, she teaches and models the importance of self-care as well. Leigh Ann is a master teacher with a joyful heart. I would place my life in her hands.

Anne Moriarty, Certified Expert Professional Life Coach,

Also includes:

  • Excellent supplemental materials, worksheets, and handouts to support the 4 modules.
  • ancient energy principles like Feng Shui and the Law of Attraction to boost the energy in your daily life.
  • Leigh Ann’s exclusive Declutter Your Life Toolkit including her signature decluttering method.

And if you needed more reasons to join, check out the BONUSES below!

The Fun Factor!

Bonus Module

Just for fun, receive this value-packed bonus module to inject more fun into your day-to-day world by tapping into the energies of joy and pleasure and to set you up for success after the program. Learn the recipe for MORE FUN: 

  • Find your THING and reconnect with your passions.
  • Find your SOUL SISTAS and get your soul food through the power of gathering with your peeps through meaningful connection.
  • Find your CHILL by creating breathing space for unscheduled downtime and revive that spontaneity back into your life!
  • Find your MOJO by unleashing your magic qualities that attract people to you including your love relationship.
  • Find your ROCK or your go-to person for support while you make the commitment to shift to the high energy lifestyle.

Discover a very quick yet powerful manifesting tool for your energy toolkit that takes only a minute called the Manifesting Magnet. Draw more fun in to your life and just about anything else you desire with this visualization!

VALUE $100

Gratitude: A Pathway to More Energy

Exclusive Interview

A feel-good conversation with special guest Holly Hawkins Marwood.

Pour a cup of your favourite tea and sit down and enjoy an empowering conversation about the magnetic power of Gratitude. Holly Hawkins Marwood is a Teacher and Guide with a lifelong passion for transformation, healing, and assisting others on their life's journey. Holly is an International Speaker and Trainer in spirituality, energy medicine, healing as well as soul and life guidance.

In this interview, Holly shares valuable gratitude tips to boost your energy that are quick to learn, easy to remember and easy to implement.

VALUE $100

Calm Your Busy Breath

Centering Technique Audio

Discover the 4 steps to reclaim your day in 3 minutes or less. When you are overthinking or overwhelmed with life, you stop breathing into your belly and take short and shallow breaths and may even begin to hold your breath. Centering is a proven technique to refocus you on the here and now. Calm your "Busy Lizzy" in seconds with this go-to technique to reduce stress and worry and to enhance more presence and peace. A must-have in your energy toolkit!


Color-Me-Calm Weekly Planner

Bonus Mini-Course

Align your weekly plan with the different energy vibrations of each day of the week and get simple meal planning ideas and a template to save you time, money and your sanity each day! Did you know each day is associated with a different color and each day corresponds to a planet, sun or moon and the mood or energy of each day is distinct from one another?

Use this wisdom to your advantage to improve your energy and reduce your overwhelm with all the to-do’s in your life. By bringing rhythm and routine into your day-to-day, you will feel more nourished and calm in both your body, mind and soul.

Enjoy 7 simple & short audios for each day of the week highlighting the energy and color associated with that day and the recommended activities so you are in sync with its natural rhythms. Also, download the complimentary Color-Me-Calm Weekly Planner Booklet to refer to as you integrate these rhythms and routines into your daily life. Enjoy my meal planning ideas to organize and simplify your cooking responsibilities as well!


Flip Your Funk Space Clearing

Video Demonstration


Get exclusive access to my video where I demonstrate an extremely powerful ancient space clearing method to rid your space of negative, sticky, and stagnate energy caused by arguments, unhappy situations, or a death or illness in your family etc. Usher in a higher vibe practically instantaneously with this amazing tool for your energy toolkit!

I will walk you through the step-by-step process that takes 30 minutes or less any time you are in a funk and need some energetic support on your side! You can use this over and over again for the rest of your life to keep your living space feeling bright, vibrant, supportive and positive!

While decluttering your stuff out of your space, clear out the old energy too that's keeping you stuck!

VALUE $250

That's over $500 in Bonuses included!


I would like to enroll and get the hidden power of Feng Shui working for me!

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21-Day Money Back Guarantee

Guaranteed-Money-BackAs with all my programs, I stand solidly behind them and will make it TOTALLY RISK FREE for you. If you participate fully and don’t see the Declutter Your Life 30 Day Challenge online program as valuable – I’ll offer your FULL TUITION BACK for up to 21 days into the program. I sincerely know that if you do the work in the courses I offer, you’ll get results.

In order to maintain the integrity of this offer, the above deadline is adhered to and no extensions are granted.

I’m assured that my transaction is 100% secure and after my tuition is processed, I’ll receive an electronic receipt within moments.

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Here are the Top Questions You May Have:

Do I have to take the course right now? No. You will have lifetime access so you can do it at your own pace and whenever it fits your schedule best!

When does the course happen? Take the program at your own pace, at any time, and from the comfort of your own home! 

How much of a time commitment is this program? Each of the 4 module audios are about one hour long and the weekly challenges take a few hours up to a half day depending on your specific situation. The program is intended to be completed over 30 days, however, because you lifetime access to the membership site, you can do it at your own pace. Not to mention you can redo the program each time you need to declutter and reset your world!

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